We didn’t stop at the gin: why WILD Glass was the perfect fit for Revelry Spirits

We spent time perfecting our gin and when it came to selecting the vessel to house it we were as particular about the bottle as we were its contents. It not only needed to reflect the Revelry brand, but also our values, and be sustainable and as natural as possible.

We have a responsibility as a brand to act sustainably and after researching the market we came across WILD Glass by Estal, a 100% post-consumer recycled glass. With protecting the environment at the forefront of their brand, as well as efficiency and design, we knew instantly WILD Glass was the right choice for Revelry Spirits.

The new colour 100% recycled bottle design, concept and natural image matched us perfectly. We are committed to remaining as natural as possible throughout our whole process and use raw ingredients in their natural form.

We love the natural imperfections of the glass, every bottle is unique, just like us. When creating the WILD Glass bottles, the team at Estal allow for character and don’t discard bottles with any defect.