A honey gin cocktail recipe to sting your taste buds.

The Bee’s Knees is a prohibition era cocktail. Created in 1920, when bathtub gin was the only option, honey and lemon was added to the gin to make it much more pleasant.

The gin and honey drink is a classic gin sour substituting sugar for honey. The name came from the slang term ‘Bee’s Knees’ meaning excellent and we couldn’t agree more.

The simple honey gin cocktail uses just three ingredients, all you need is a bottle of gin, honey or raw honey and lemon juice. Our Revelry Spirits gin is perfect for this honey gin recipe because of its citrus botanicals, which brings out the flavours of the lemon and honey.

To make sure the honey is properly infused, it is best to stir the honey with the gin first until it dissolves. For this cocktail, shaking is best, with a garnish of lemon peel.

Follow our Revelry Spirits recipe to create the best bee’s knees cocktails around…


  • 50ml Revelry Signature Gin
  • 25ml Squeezed Lemon Juice
  • 25ml Honey Syrup (1:1)


Coupe glass


Honey syrup is easy to create; you’ll need one part honey and one part water. The type of honey changes the taste of the simple syrup, so it’s best to taste the honey first and adjust measurements. Milder honeys are best for light spirit drinks, whereas rich honeys are best for dark spirit drinks so keep this in mind.


1 part honey
1 part water

  1. Heat the ingredients in a saucepan
  2. Stir until the honey is completely dissolved
  3. Wait until the mixture is cool and add to an airtight bottle/container.
  4. Keep refrigerated


  1. Add the gin, lemon juice and honey syrup to an ice-filled cocktail shaker
  2. Shake until chilled
  3. Strain into chilled coupe glass
  4. Garnish with lemon peel twist to finish off your Bees Knees cocktail